Bellaria Igea Marina

Once a fishing village, Bellaria Igea Marina today is a modern and pleasant little town that welcomes tourists from all over Europe. Awarded the Blue Flag for the quality of its environment and services, the town has been recognised for two consecutive years as an ideal location due to the hospitality of its services and the welcome that its citizens reserve for their honoured guests (OGGI magazine survey).

Its strategic position, in the middle of the Adriatic Coast, means that you are not far away from the beautiful art cities and typical sites of the inland parts of Romagna.

There are so many options for a splendid and relaxing holiday: the glorious beach, natural parks, sports facilities, cultural events and shows, shopping in pedestrian precincts, numerous cocktail bars and restaurants, modern hotels all make for a pleasant and well-deserved holiday.

Your stay in Bellaria Igea Marina will be accompanied every day by the quality of  its typical cuisine and the friendliness of its people.

You can visit the street markets that take place in Bellaria (every Wednesday morning) and in Igea Marina (every Friday morning) near the train station.

The welcoming pedestrian shopping districts in Bellaria (Isola dei Platani) and in Igea Marina (Viale Ennio and neighbouring streets) await you every evening for a gelato (ice cream), a show, a piadina (typical, flat bread) or just a stroll.

From the “Cagnona” zone, at the north of town, where the “Red House” of the writer Alfredo Panzini is located, down to the Parco Pavese, at the southern end, is a continuous pedestrian walk that takes you through gardens, trees, modern stores for shopping, bars and restaurants. On this walk, you cross the old canal of the port, where numerous fishing boats are moored today, side by side with the most modern pleasure craft.

The Parco del Gelso is one of the largest green spaces in an urban area on the Adriatic coast. It spreads around the lake of the same name, to meet on the south, the centre of Igea Marina.

Lush vegetation and thematic areas (like the Butterfly Garden) make it one of the most interesting destinations to visit during a holiday in Bellaria Igea Marina.

On the beachfront at the Parco Pavese, there are fabulous concerts organised by Beky Bay, the amusement centre that, on summer nights, draws young people from all over Romagna.

Other, noteworthy places of interest that you could visit during your stay in Bellaria Igea Marina are the Saracen Tower, with its interesting shell collection (Museo Malacologico), the Parish Church of Bordonchio built between 1765 and 1806, with a cruciform parterre and a very interesting 18th century interior, and the Old Slaughterhouse (Vecchio Macello), located in via Ferrarin.

Residence Flower - Bellaria Igea Marina
Residence Flower - Bellaria Igea Marina
Residence Flower - Bellaria Igea Marina
Residence Flower - Bellaria Igea Marina