Amusement Parks

The Flower Residence is ideally located to reach all the amusement parks in Romagna (Mirabilandia, Aquafan, Oltremare, L’Italia in Miniatura, Fiabilandia, and the  “Le Navi” Aquarium in Cattolica).


This is the largest amusement park in Italy, with a surface of 850,000 sqm. It is open from 16 April to 12 September and then every weekend until November.  The entrance ticket to Mirabilandia is valid for 2 consecutive days and include access to all the attractions and all of the shows with the exception of the Mirabilandia Beach area.
You reach it by car with the E45 Superstrada (motorway), direction Ravenna, Mirabilandia exit. If you prefer to go by train, there is a free shuttle bus that goes from the Lido di Classe/Lido di Savio train station to the Park. The bus coincides with the arrivals and departure of the main trains on the Ravenna-Rimini line.


Aquafan is one of the first water parks built in Italy and is, today, the most famous in Europe. Located near the toll exit of Riccione, it is easily reachable. Aquafan is a pleasure trip full of emotion for the public, with its fantastic water slides (more than 3km long in total), water games, its extremely pleasant green parks, events and many moments of interactive participation and animation. Most people who come to Aquafan are young, even if there are more and more families, thanks to special areas for small children.
Aquafan attractions include a swimming pool with waves (every hour on the hour), the Kamikaze, a 90 metre-long water slide, plus the Extreme, an up to 70 km an hour, inner tube descent for one or two people that is unique in Europe.


Inaugurated in June, 2004, Oltremare spreads over a total of 110,000 sqm, including 77,000 sqm of green areas and 24,000 sqm of covered area. With Aquafan and IMAX. Oltremare makes up an entertainment complex that can attract around 1 million visitors a year to the Riccione hill.
Oltremare is a passionate tribute to our planet Earth and to our se, the Adriatic, open to all, but especially to children and their families. The course of the visit is planned to make visitors the protagonists of an exciting adventure through all the dimensions of the natural world.
And the, included in the ticket, is the IMAX experience, with the largest cinema screen in Europe: 600 sqm!

L’Italia in Miniatura (Italy in Miniature)

Located in Viserba di Rimini, just a few kilometres from Igea Marina, Italy in Miniature is the only attraction of its kind. The principal attraction of the park is the miniature walk which displays miniature reproductions of important Italian and European monuments to a scale of 1:25 or 1:50. Today, there are more than 250 miniatures, reproduced down to the smallest detail. For those who wish to learn interesting historical facts and amusing anecdotes, there is Phonosapiens, a new auto-guide to the park. Italy in Miniature will be open from 28 March to 1 November and every ticket is good for free access the next day as well.


Between Rimini and Riccione there is Fiabilandia, a theme park entirely dedicated to small children. The park sits on around 150,000 sqm of land and has a funny monster mascot called Babau. Fiabilandia covers 5 main theme areas: Medieval, Oriental, the Bay of Pirates, the Magic Town and the Far West (the most thematic area of the park).
Among the attractions of Fiabilandia are the Gold Mine of the West, the Valley of the Gnomes and the spark’s symbolic attraction: the Castle of Merlin the Magician.
The entrance ticket is valid for two consecutive days and includes access to all the attractions and all the shows.

Acquario di Cattolica “Le Navi”

The Cattolica “Le Navi” aquarium is located inside an architectural complex that has been a marine colony since the 1930s. Outside areas are freely accessible as a Public Park, where numerous services are provided: restaurant, bar, games area, relaxation area, picnic and beach equipment.
Along underground corridors and submarine laboratories, there 70 display tanks that contain more than 3000 examples of 400 different specimens from all the seas and oceans on the planet. Sharks are a main attraction of the park, which hosts 50 examples of 13 different species: from small Mediterranean sharks to the impressive bull sharks of South Africa.

Skypark - Parco avventura

Skypark is the first adventure park on all the Adriatic coast: a combination of sport and amusement in close contact with nature.
It offers the opportunity to have fun while learning, to play without consuming energy resources and generating noxious emissions, in a place with high natural value, teaching respect of and care for the environment. What’s more, the experience provided by the Adventure Park is unique and cannot be reproduced by any other adventure park: Skypark welcomes its guests in a non-artificial environment where Nature is host, with its own rhythms and continuous variations.

Go kart - Mini moto

The Minimoto San Mauro Mare track is the point of reference in Romagna for Go-Kart drivers, Minibike and Minimotard professionals and amateurs. The track runs over an area of 15,000 sqm with one 500 metre long track and a 3000 sqm Paddock area. The track is equipped with telemetry and can show the times of all Karts and minibikes while they race, to determine the starting grid and post race times.

Residence Flower - Bellaria Igea Marina
Residence Flower - Bellaria Igea Marina
Residence Flower - Bellaria Igea Marina
Residence Flower - Bellaria Igea Marina