Covid-19 safety

A safe holiday is a happy holiday
Given the emergency that has hit us in recent times, we have prepared a safety protocol to make our guests enjoy their stay with light-heartedness. We are in constant contact with experts and technicians to implement the best measures and comply with legal regulations.

All our apartments are carefully sanitized.
However, we ask our customers for caution and responsibility where it is not possible for us to intervene. We always remember that those who have tested positive for coronavirus, have symptoms of possible Covid-19, are in quarantine or have had close contacts with positives are not allowed to access the apartments. The further measures and exceptions envisaged by subsequent Prime Ministerial Decree remain unaffected.

Our Covid-19 safety measures:

  • constant cleaning of the apartments before and after entering the house
  • pushbutton panels, balustrades, seats and railings sanitized every time the staff cleans the common areas
  • use of professional products and high quality disinfectants
  • washing first with soap-based products and then sanitizing with alcohol. This is to ensure that the busiest areas, outside the rental apartments, are safe for everyone
  • Our operators wear protective masks and suits
  • household linen is sterilized at 90 ° and washed with soap and hot water
  • air conditioning filters are cleaned and changed regularly
  • rooms are always ventilated before the arrival of guests to allow for air exchange and make the environment healthier
  • for beds, sofa beds, armchairs etc. we use dry steam and / or specific devices, bleach,70% alcohol and fabric washes above 70 °