What to visit in Romagna

It is famous for its Monte Giove grottos. A long path of underground tunnels and passages where love stories and distant passions are nestled. A real secret city whose real origin is still a mystery today.

The main tourist attractions include the Pieve, the Malatesta Fortress and the Ganganelli Arch. In summer, the city holds the Theater Festival in the square, an opportunity not to be missed for those who love the outdoor stage.

Discos, parties and fun! The city of and for young people: seducing and charming on one side, Rimini is the ideal holiday destination for families, children and all those who want to have fun without exaggerating on the other.

Rimini is culture, art, music, concerts, events and taste fairs. The Surgeon’s House, the Luigi Tonini City Museum, the San Giuliano village, the Malatesta Temple, the old fish market are just some of the places not to be missed. Added to these are the countless events organized all year round.

The small and independent San Marino Republic is an absolutely unmissable destination. Whether you stay one day or have just a walk or a lunch in one of the many restaurants in the city center, San Marino attracts tourists from all over the world.

All are attracted by the pristine beauty and the three fascinating towers (Guaita, Cesta and Montale) of this enchanting village on Monte Titanio.

Small and delightful, Cesena is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a quiet yet lively place. Its historic center, surrounded by city walls, is well maintained and rich with restaurants and pubs. Food is excellent and hospitality is unique.

Attractions include the Cathedral with its frescoes, the Corpus Domini altar and the bell tower, the Malatesta Fortress, the Historical Museum, Piazza del Popolo, the Remembrance Park and much more. The traditional St. John’s Feast takes place in late June.

If you are afraid, keep away from this castle. If, istead, you are brave, come forward: the ghost Azzurrina is waiting for you. The Montebello Castle, in the province of Rimini, is one of the most popular places among ghost hunting enthusiasts.

Is the story of the little girl who appears on the day of the summer solstice and makes even the walls tremble a legend or a harsh truth? The castle is very visited and it is not difficult to come across television crews and directors looking for horror inspirations.

The famous Fossa cheese has its origins in Sogliano al Rubicone. A trip to taste this typical Romagna cheese is worthwhile and the city is really pretty. It offers panoramic views of the sea and attractive fairs.

Piazza Matteotti hoises the former house of the fasces, a building from the 1930s, now the seat of the pro-loco, the post office and some banks.

In front of it, you can admire the Fountain of the Butterflies by Marco Bravura based on the idea of the Italian poet Tonino Guerra.

Do Paolo and Francesca sound familiar? The setting is precisely that of the village of Gradara. The city must have inspired the Supreme Poet so much that he wanted to celebrate it in one of his most famous hendecasyllables, the one dedicated to the two unhappy lovers.

It is a lively village, not only in summer, but all year round, because many events are held there. The Rocca, the castle the historical events are absolutely not to be missed.

Cagliostro is said to have been a prisoner in the Rocca di S. Leo. From there, he took his last look at the world before dying and taking his alchemist secrets with him. But beyond this illustrious character, San Leo deserves to be visited for its beauties.

It is a city of art, home of the Montefeltro family, and the food is good. Monuments include the parish church, the cathedral and the fortress. The most important feast is that of S. Leone, patron saint of the city.

Located in the province of Rimini, in what was once the land of the Malatesta family, Saludecio is a Romagna village where history can be found everywhere: in traditional dishes, between the noble palaces, along medieval streets.

The historic center offers many beautiful churches, the civic tower, the medieval walls, peaceful squares, gardens and museums. Equally noteworhy are the famous city murals. A wonderful journey of 40 works painted by ARPERC artists on the building walls which have transformed Saludecio into the City of Painted Walls